Young Man Who Won $12 Million With Sports Betting Share Secret Tips On How To WIN Always

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Several Months ago, there were reports in the media, about a certain young man known as  Morgan who won $12 million at Safaraibet after his 220 of 261,000 odds each won.

Unfortunately for him, the bookie has refused to pay him, saying that he would get only the price for one slip plus bonus. The company says they are following their Terms and Conditions and so the matter is currently at Gaming Commission and a decision is yet to be made.

Well, one popular question everyone has been asking is, What predictions did Morgan use? How was he able to win that much at Sport Betting because it is the dream of every punter to win that big at sports betting, so they can invest in their business, buy a house, their dream car, get married.

Yes, we all have those wild dreams, but sometimes the teams we trust soo much, end up disappointing us, but there is always a way to beat the system and make good profits by selecting good and less risky predictions if you want to make good profits.

I spoke to Morgan, he showed me his tips of the 24 matches and I have been studying it for some time now and realized that those predictions are very simple but sometimes we just ignore them.

One major thing he told me was to select a good bookie and with his bad experience with the other bookie, he’s now very careful about which bookie to bet with. I asked him about his thoughts on some bookies. It is important to always pay attention to the maximum payout of every bookie and there is this particular one that’s very very honest and respect punters.

To be sure you will get your winnings when you win, it’s best to choose a good bookie, that has built a strong reputation over the years and has the money to pay your winnings. I recommend this company, 1xbet because I can vouch for them with my soul.

I like them also because of their fast withdrawals and deposits, they also have very very high odds, they have lots and lots of options that you won’t get on other local bookies.

That’s not all people! Talk of bet insurance, talk of cashout option, daily jackpots on soccer, basketball and hockey, bonuses upon bonuses, watching of live games on the site and all that. Yeah, one of the numerous reasons why you should follow this link to get an account today using your Chrome browser ( Opera browser can show error that not available in your country)

Their Maximum payout is Ghc3 million people or 500,000 Euros, so you can win more. It’s become of the favorite options for most of the boys who are looking at high wins but also looking for one they can trust, get higher odds, get more betting options and all that.

If you intend to get an account it’s simple, press here to get one and get your first 200% bonus. You will be asked for Promo Code, so when asked just enter Ghbase

For instance, if you decide to create a 1xbet account, you can get amazing options to bet on like:

1.Over 1, Over 2, Over 3 Goals —This is almost like Over 1.5, over 2.5 but let’s say you tip a team over 2 goals, if there are 3 goals or more you win but if there is just 2 goals, you get a refund back and you won’t get this option at the local bookies.

2. Draw In At Least Half–There are sometimes you know they like playing draws a lot, but sometimes tipping full time draw gets risky, so you would want to go for a draw in any half, which is Draw In At Least One Half–Serious Tip

3.Goal In Both Halves--Yes, you can tip that a match will end up with at least one goal in both halves, this one you are not bothered about who wins, you just need at least a goal in first half and second half.

4. Soccer Goals: So with this option, you can select which team will win in different games. So let’s say Chelsea Vs Tottenham is playing and then another match Manchester United Vs Liverpool, you can say you want to tip on Chelsea Vs Machester United although they are not playing that day, so let’s say you tip Chelsea to win in your soccer goals, Chelsea would need more goals in it’s match than that of United’s own.

5.Special Bets: Yes, this is my favorite because it’s easy to win and the odds are big. So this can combine like two different matches with a prediction. An example is say; Manchester City Vs Liverpool, Chelsea Vs Tottehham, Over 1 goal in each match, over 1.5 cards, Over 8.5 corners in each match–There are several of them, so you just need the account with 1xbet, 

6. Other betting options to win easily: Away to score o.5 goal in second half,  Over Fouls, Over Yellow Cards, Over Fouls, Ball possession, More Goals in first half than Second half, and soo many more.

I can’t talk about it more, all you need is to get your account and see things for your self. You can easily deposit with Mobile Money if you are in Ghana, and there are more deposit options for everyone, so check the deposit page for the one that best suits you.

I am also giving out free airtime to anyone who gets an account and makes a win this weekend, all you have to do is follow the steps below for me:

1. Press here to get your account ( note: Opera browser will show that not available in your country because of IP so use Chrome or Mozilla by just copying the link and using another browser.

2. When registering, it’s best to use the ‘By Email’ method so you can get details via email and it makes things easier for you.

3. During registration, you will be asked to enter a promo code. Note that this promo code gives you an additional 30% bonus on your first deposit. Use ALREADY as the promo code and pass it to friends who want to register with 1xbet, so they get that special bonus too.

4. Next is to deposit with MTN Mobile Money for those in Ghana ( there is Tigo Cash/Airtel Money and also Vodafone) but if you are in Egypt, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, etc you can still find your own payment method from your country or use international methods like Visa/Master card, Skrill, Netteller, Bitcoins, etc.

5. Go ahead and explore the site, select your predictions and place your bets.

Interestingly, you get 10% cashback each time you deposit on the site with MTN Mobile Money which you can use to stake bets as well.

6. If you face challenges, Whatsapp me on 0273094088 or press here to join our Whatsapp Group for daily sports predictions.

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